Internet Explorer 8 – Best Practice for Multiple IE’s.

I have found the best way to deal with multiple Internet Explorer testing for web development is to utilize Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 and their ‘developer licensed’ virtual machines with IE pre-installed. Pre-packaged Windows Operating systems with Internet Explorer are available here:, though I will forewarn you that you will need to re-download them at a later date as they do expire.

Apparently, Windows 98 can now be installed with a generic license (free) so Internet Explorer 6 can be safely installed onto a Win 98 VM. Being Win 98, it doesn’t hog many resources making it a great solution for IE6 testing.

Happy testing.

Yet Another Browser – Iron

Yet another browser has shown up and claims will become more popular than Chrome. Not likely given Google’s extended reach but SRWare do claim that you have more privacy and are more up-to-date with WebKit and JavaScript engines.

Translation of Iron browser page:

Google Maps IE7 – not displaying properly (greyed out)

If anyone’s looking for a solution for getting Google Maps to display properly in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), when it works properly in Mozilla Firefox, have a go at this simple solution.

var map = new GMap(document.getElementById(“map”), { size: new
GSize(400, 500) } );

Where GSize(width, height) in pixels.

Try also, changing your div/layer id to something else, just in case it is duplicated in another tag. IE7 apparently confuses id’s with anchors

Thanks to em-b-zee for the above solution

Microsoft is damned!

It’s been playing on my mind recently, is Microsoft really that bad? Google is fast becoming the monopolist that Microsoft is/was, yet it’s name doesn’t appear to be as tainted. Why? How did Microsoft get to be so bad? Is it because they charge for their product and 90% of the population see it as the only way they will ever be able to use a PC, not ever fancying a change with Linux or Mac. I would imagine that those 90% of people don’t have a lot of nouse when it comes to understanding computers and how they work so Microsoft becomes the scape goat for all their PC problems. The human race is naturally lazy and will lean to always blaming someone else for their lack of understanding.

Is it the constant updates and security breaches? Seems a bit off that just Microsoft be bagged for this, when, if you’ve ever used Linux or Mac, you know that they have just as many updates and security patches as Windows. Is it because Microsoft Windows is an insecure operating system for allowing the spread of trojans and viruses? If Microsoft wasn’t the primary operating system in use would it be the target of so many attacks? An improperly set up Linux machine can be just as vulnerable but with less than 5% of the general population using Linux and 10% (I’m guessing here) of Mac for desktop machines is it only more secure because it’s had less “stress testing”?

Is it because of Microsoft’s corporate monopolist business practices. They only really have great products because they bought the initial product (offered smaller businesses very large sums of cash) from someone else? Still doesn’t seem right as Google has pretty much done the same thing.

The strongest reason why I think people dislike Microsoft more than Google is due to the way the company makes it’s money. Microsoft was taking money from people from day one, expecting people to pay, where as Google offered a free product to the masses from day one, then offered for you to spend money with them from advertising.

Google does seem to be a lot more innovative and understanding of peoples desires coming up with great simple, easy to use products before you realize it could be useful for you, now Microsoft seems to tag along. Microsoft do have some great (not very well known) products out there but whilst they play catch up with everyone else, I think they will continue to struggle with the publics perception of them.

Having just skimmed over this article,, I’m thinking Microsoft’s attempt to improve it’s image is far too late and is only going to make things worse for them.  Branding with Microsoft is inconsistant, they’ve never done an ounce of advertising on TV down this half of the world. They changed their product names without any warnings (think Passport/Live) and without any marketing campaigns.

I wonder what makes them think it’s going to work now? Or is this an act of desperation to recapture some of the market? Google’s still my favourite but I’m just a little more wary now that they dominate the market.

Having just one player in the market tends to squash innovation, or are Google really that good?