Is humanity finally changing it’s ways?

Two articles in the news recently have inspired a bit of hope for the direction of humanity. Mr Rudd has announced that Australia will soon be the home of the largest solar powered electricity generator in the world and Obama is finally going to regulate probably the worlds biggest consumer of oil ( for the first time in history. Whilst writing this article I was trying to find the page on the Australian Government website and discovered that Arizona is also inspiring to have the world’s largest power plant. This has got to be good news right? Competition for the worlds largest solar power plant? @280 megawatts @1000 megawatts

Bring it on….

Electric motorbikes

It would be the logical choice for a vehicle manufacturer to build an electric motorbike with it’s power/weight ratio being significantly more than a car. So why are they so scarce? Tesla Motors have come up with a great car solution and sure there’s lots of home builts so why do we not see more of electric bikes?

I finally found a commercial electric motorbike today that wasn’t a scooter, or is it? It doesn’t exactly look like a sports bike but doesn’t quite look like a scooter either.

The Vectrix has a recharge time of 3-5 hours and a range of about 46 km’s if you stayed at the top speed of just over 100 km/hr, however the range is likely to be a lot further if you stick to the speed limit of various places such as Steve Irwin Way (80 km/h). Visit and try out there range meter. There are only two batteries to this bike and I suspect there should be some massive improvements with battery technology to increase the range. If Tesla Motors can do it for a car, why not an electric motorbike?

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