Electric motorbikes

It would be the logical choice for a vehicle manufacturer to build an electric motorbike with it’s power/weight ratio being significantly more than a car. So why are they so scarce? Tesla Motors have come up with a great car solution and sure there’s lots of home builts so why do we not see more of electric bikes?

I finally found a commercial electric motorbike today that wasn’t a scooter, or is it? It doesn’t exactly look like a sports bike but doesn’t quite look like a scooter either.

The Vectrix has a recharge time of 3-5 hours and a range of about 46 km’s if you stayed at the top speed of just over 100 km/hr, however the range is likely to be a lot further if you stick to the speed limit of various places such as Steve Irwin Way (80 km/h). Visit http://www.vectrix.com and try out there range meter. There are only two batteries to this bike and I suspect there should be some massive improvements with battery technology to increase the range. If Tesla Motors can do it for a car, why not an electric motorbike?

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