Damn J’s in Thunderbird emails (smiley faces)

Mozilla Thunderbird 2

This has been annoying me for ages, smiley faces for Microsoft Outlook showing up as J’s in my Thunderbird emails. So here’s the fix:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\res\ and create a ‘fonts’ folder.
  2. Create a file named fontEncoding.properties. You can right click in the fonts folder, then click create new ‘Text document’, then rename it.
  3. Open the fontEncoding.properties file with your favourite text editor.
  4. Add the following, save, close, then restart Mozilla Thunderbird:

# Symbol font
encoding.wingdings.ttf = windows-1252
encoding.wingdings2.ttf = windows-1252
encoding.wingdings3.ttf = windows-1252
encoding.webdings.ttf = windows-1252

Big thanks go to http://blog.tcg.com/tcg/2008/03/j-instead-of-sm.html

Mozilla Thunderbird 3

Try this: https://github.com/richq/smileyfixer/downloads
Thanks to Bojan for posting the link. 

Mozilla Thunderbird >3

This problem has been fixed now. Upgrade Thunderbird if you are still having issues.