Windows 7 stuck on personalized settings for: Windows Desktop Update

After doing a number of updates, I wasn’t able to log back in as the domain administrator on a Windows 7 (64bit) machine. A dialog with the text “personalized settings for: Windows Desktop Update” was displaying but not progressing, suggesting a problem with the user profile.

A number of articles point to the KB980408 update as the source of the problem. Solutions from and didn’t solve the problem.

What solved it for me was restarting the machine and logging in as a different login with administrative privileges, deleting the problematic user folder from c:/users/, logging out, and then logging back in as the problematic user. On first log in, Windows had a flag that the login/account was only temporary. This was easily fixed by following the advice in this article.

On a side not, if you’re looking for help on a stuck Windows 7 Update – I’ve found that the antivirus program can be the cause of the problem. My PC’s mostly run Avast antivirus, going into the settings, there is an option to load Avast after all other windows services. This seems to fix the problem.